Making a difference in the world by being different in it! 

Christy Snow is a singer/songwriter, speaker, writer, workshop, and retreat facilitator. She empowers others through music, speaking, and teaching. Through life-affirming lyrics and messages, she inspires others to live their best life and to share their unique expression in the world fully and freely, while promoting authenticity and equality. 

A gift of the Covid pandemic has been the coming together of 5 friends to form the new Christy Snow Band! Brenda Gambill and Gina Stewart, previously of The Doubting Thomas Band bring violin, harmonica, bass, and harmonies, Kim Niption brings an amazing punch to Christy's acoustic music with her electric guitar riffs and Rochelle Coatney brings versatility and solidity with kit drum, Cajon, and congas. This all-female rock accompaniment has added an edge and yet at the same time a lyrical softness to Christy's music as Brenda, Gina, and Christy have also started co-writing together. 

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Christy Snow

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