Awake & Alive

Christy Snow

Acoustic guitar, a voice like kd lang and Tracey Chapman, moody harmonica along with storytelling and humor...that's Christy's first live recording.

Christy is a North Carolina native whose talents are now being enjoyed all over the world, due in part to her coast-to-coast touring, the national and international airplay, and the worldwide distribution of her music. She has produced and independently released five CDs with the latest being an April 2003 release, "Change Is Good". Her CDs have received praise for her lyrics that encourage you to think and feel and open you up to laugh, love, and enjoy life. In the words of Les Reynolds of, "This North Carolina singer-songwriter is one you could listen to all, comfortable yet forceful vocals, fluid and sometimes percussive acoustic guitar...Christy could change the world with her songs."

Once Christy graduated with her degree in Marketing in 1991, she began pursuing a full time career recording and performing her music. In 1996 she decided to take a break from music and took a job as a Marketing Specialist. She enjoyed the challenges and promotions she received during the next three years but could not overcome the desire to follow her heart and her music and therefore slowly began performing and recording again. In July of 1999, shortly after the release of her second CD "Solid Ground", she left Corporate America and began pursuing her music career full time with a new sense of direction and purpose. In 2000 she released her first live CD "Awake & Alive", which gives the listener a peak into Christy's captivating live shows. Then in 2001 she released her first instrumental CD of all Native Flute music. Her fifth CD "Change Is Good" is filled with intorspective, positive and life affirming insights and is her richest work yet.

Christy Began adding New Thought Churches to her tours in 1999 as her positive outlook on life and beliefs in equality, worth and love began to shine through in her music. Her music has been described as both playful and spiritual. She includes in her shows all types of songs from passionate musings such as "Sugar Cane Candy" to songs like "Stand In Love" about the belief in unity and the healing power of love. Christy has a very diverse folk style of music, as she accompanies herself with acoustic guitar but also moody harmonica rifts and the Native Flute.

Her current beliefs are a mixture she often refers to as New Thought-Pagan-Native American-Buddhist, which probably has something to do with why her music is sort of Spiritual-Folk-Pop-Rock-Americana. You can just call it "Good" for short.

"Awake & Alive...I simply love it...this one is just priceless!!" ~ Les Reynolds/

"Snow's powerful lyrics presented with vibrant energy make for an unforgettable performance." ~ The Charlotte Observer

"Snow's influences range from blues, to rock to folk, but she integrates those styles into a distinctive voice that's all her own." ~Rockford Register Star - Rockford, IL

"Whether drawing from her own experiences or seeing through the eyes of a stranger, her songs ring with international appeal." ~ Daily Times-Call - Longmont, CO

"Snow's latest disc, 'Awake & Alive,' amazingly, was recorded in one night at a coffeehouse in Charlotte. Her music is straightforward and straight from the heart. (Her) folk songs range from musings about love and lust, to breaking societal molds... being positive even though things can get difficult." ~ Colorado Daily - Boulder, CO

"Snow's direct style and energized lyrics in her latest disc 'Awake & Alive' further her message - that life is an ongoing adventure to be embraced." ~ Deborah Dunn/The Charlotte Observer - Charlotte, NC

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