Remembering The Way - A Native Flute CD

Christy Snow

Enchanting Native Flute music with a feminine voice that transports, relaxes, and heals the listener. Great for meditating, yoga, massage, and more.

12/15/01 I wanted to tell you all a little about "Remembering The Way". The first day I played a Native flute the doors to my heart flew open and it was like coming home. It was as if I already knew how to play it and was just "remembering" how. That is one of the main reasons I decided to call this CD "Remembering The Way". Playing these flutes has been a healing force and an inspiration in my life. One of the most interesting things to me is how a different song seems to emerge when I simply focus on an object or a topic. I first noticed this while playing my flute sitting on a rock in the middle of the river in the mountains at one of my favorite campsites. That was such a heightened experience for me and the feelings I had just being there were conveyed in the notes that were flowing from the flute. Then later when accompanying my friend Rev. Lisa Stewart on a guided meditation, I found that I was playing what she was saying. I was doing this instinctively without trying to. Then last Spring when I was touring in New Mexico I had a conversation with a friend about studies that have been done to prove that a musicians intent behind a song is actually conveyed though the vibrations of the song. I thought that was fascinating, so then I started focusing on my intent while I wrote as well as performed my music. From there the idea of how I would record my flute cd was born. When I was meditating on the CD just before recording it I decided on the topics that I would focus on while playing. I wrote them down and then one by one I allowed the songs to be born from my intentional thoughts about each topic, right then and there in the studio. I hope you enjoy this reflective and healing journey. With love, Christy

" As a professional yoga teacher, I am always searching for ways to introduce my beginning students to their bodies, of helping them to connect with the beauty and magic of their inner selves. Having incredible music to help guide me and to soothe the students is such a tremendous help! Remembering the Way by Christy Snow is a treasure trove of beautiful Native melodies that I find myself using over and over again, primarily because it blends so perfectly with the peaceful atmosphere I strive to create in my yoga studio. This hauntingly beautiful music easily moves the listeners spirit to a more restful and serene state, allowing me to more easily work with a yoga practitioners breath and body. Christy's wonderful talent has made my job 100% more pleasant, and I recommend this spiritually satisfying CD to everyone! Thanks Christy! " ~Sheron McGuire C.Y.T. Baltimore, MD

"I want to tell you that I absolutely love your flute album - I very often put it in my clock radio CD player, to wake up to in the morning. A magnificent and serene way to start the day!" Rev. Karen Wolfson - Sarasota, FL

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