I Sing My Love

Christy Snow

Positive music in celebration of life and living from love and acceptance.

Christy is a Keynote Speaker, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Spiritual Teacher and Native Flute Instructor and Flautist. Her work as a musician began in 1991 with the birth of her acoustic music career. Her talents and her career have expanded since then into global awareness of her gifts. Her music began to shift, revealing her introspective and spiritual perspectives on life in 1999 when she began studying world religions and spirituality in a deeper way and shortly thereafter she began teaching self love and self empowerment work through music. She is now Co-Spiritual Leader of a thriving and dynamic Spiritual Community in Charlotte, NC called the Center For Positive Living.

In addition to building a thriving spiritual community in Charlotte, Christy sees the world as her spiritual community. She is passionate about being the change she wishes to see in this life and being that change lovingly and authentically. She is devoted to positive change on the planet by living a life of acceptance and unconditional love and teaching others to do the same. Her music and her message is global, as she teaches through workshops, retreats, concerts and speaking engagements worldwide. Christy works on various committees for conferences and retreats with organizations such as the Centers For Spiritual Living as well as various other associations. She facilitates retreats annually at Unity Village in Lee's Summit, MO and other locations in the states and beyond.

Christy’s discography includes; three folk CDs, four meditative Native American Flute CDs and 1 New Thought influenced folk CD, “Change Is Good”. "Change Is Good," delivers her ever-present message that we are always at choice as to how we view and make a difference in our world. Indie Music has been quoted to say that "Christy could change the world with her songs.” The latest CD is the first of three Spiritual Chants called “I Sing My Love” released in January of 2009.

Christy’s flute music is enchanting. This meditative music is much more than just relaxing, it is healing and transformational. The first of the flute CDs, “Remembering The Way,” put to use the power of intention through music. Christy focused her energy and intention on each topic allowing each track to be Spirit led and healing. “Spirit Dance” captured the sacredness and intensity of the New Mexico desert where it was recorded live in 2004. The most recent of Christy’s flute CDs was released in 2007 and was recorded with fellow recording artist Jack Fowler. This new CD “Spiraling Into Infinity” is sure to be a favorite among yoga instructors, massage therapists and meditation groups. This new CD introduces a different approach adding Jack’s atmospheric keyboard music but also the selections on this CD were played in seven specific keys to energetically guide the listener/participant through a healing chakra experience.

As a musician and speaker Christy brings to life the teaching of oneness, self love, compassion and acceptance through her delivery; rich with real life anecdotes, humor and storytelling. Christy believes that we are each our own spiritual authority and as a spiritual teacher her job is to assist others in tuning into their inner guidance of love and peace, through which all things are possible.

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