Sufi Zikr

Christy Snow

One hour of the spiritual practice of Sufi Zikr, the rhythmic repetition of the names of God in the Muslim/Sufi tradition. This CD can be used to learn chanting, to begin meditation or to enhance your meditation practice.

Christy Snow is a singer/songwriter, Native American flautist, Meditation teacher and Minister. She has studied with Sufi Shaikhs Kabir and Camille Helminski, founders of the Threshold Society and representatives of the Mevlevi Order in North America (short for Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi or Rumi, the 13th century Muslim saint and mystic). Since meeting the Helminski’s in 2006, Christy has traveled with them to Turkey to practice Zikr with various orders of Sufis. She shares the spiritual practice of Zikr because of the profound impact it has had on her life to bring about more peace, calmness and connection to the Divine.

Christy is an ordained Science of Mind minister, a faith and philosophy that embraces all people and all paths. She has also studied many interfaith traditions and the spiritual practices of many different religions since 2005.

Christy began performing professionally in 1989. Self taught on guitar and Native American Flute, Christy's style is unique and a true extension of her soul. Voted one of Charlotte's best female vocalists by Creative Loafing Magazine, her live shows carry her listeners away. Delivering percussive acoustic guitar, rich vocals, life affirming lyrics and a captivating stage presence, Christy sings about life, love and our connection to one another. She weaves in the enchanting and hypnotic Native American Flute as well as her gift of humorous storytelling.

She has performed across the country, as well as in Canada, Mexico and Turkey and has listeners across the globe due to the world wide distribution and airplay of her music. From churches to bars, women's festivals to folk festivals, Christy shares her journey of authenticity through music and stories. Her 13 CD Discography includes; five acoustic singer/songwriter CDs, two spiritual chant CDs, five meditative Native American Flute CDs and one guided meditation CD.

A powerful speaker, Christy is invited to speak on a variety of topics and in many different venues. Her message is inspiring, life affirming and promotes a world that honors all beings.

SPIRITUAL CENTERS An ordained minister of the Science of Mind teaching, Rev. Christy was co-pastor of the Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte for 10 years and has been the guest speaker for Spiritual Centers, conferences and events across the United States and in Canada since 2002.

INTERFAITH Christy worked for seven years with Mecklenburg Ministries, an interfaith organization in Charlotte that brings together nearly 100 houses of faith. She has served on the board, various committees and as the chair of Charlotte's annual city wide Interfaith Thanksgiving service for four years. She was honored as one of the keynote speakers for the event in 2014.

HUMAN RIGHTS She has worked in the arena of human rights with and in support of such organizations as the Human Rights Campaign, Equality NC and Campaign for Southern Equality to bring equal rights to the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. She has delivered keynote addresses and headline performances for Pride festivals across the country since 1995.

VEGANISM Christy is committed to living her life without causing harm to any sentient being. She became a vegan strictly for health reasons and completely reversed Type II Diabetes in three months; however, she remained an advocate for a plant based lifestyle because of her love for animals. She enjoys coaching others to learn how to live in harmony with all of life.

Listen to music and learn more about classes, coaching and events at

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