Attune to the Ancients

Christy Snow

A Native Flute journey, with Native Drums and Didgeridoo. This trance like instrumental music is perfect for meditation, massage, healing body work or simple relaxation.

On May 3rd 2011 I entered Hollow Reed Studios in Asheville to once again have the privilege of working with the very talented Chris Rosser! This latest recording project is a Native Flute CD that is a trance-like experience. The only instruments on the CD are Native Flute, Native Drum and the Didgeridoo. I chose the word “Attune” instead of Attuned as this CD is an offer of action, an invitation to the listener to attune to the ancient energy of oneness. You will hear the Native Drum carry the heartbeat of mother earth and our connection to her and to all life. You will experience the didgeridoo, an amazing aboriginal instrument made from plant and animal (wood and termite) working together to produce this fabulous resonance. Most prominently you will hear the Native Flute; symbolic of the breath of life that blows through each of us in every moment and as we each breathe the same air as the person next to us we realize we are actually connected through the very air we breathe. Each of these instruments speaks to the infinite and profoundly intimate connection of all life. The CD Attune To The Ancients came to me in a vision and I mean that quite literally. I was having body work done and during this massage and healing energy session I felt myself move sort of into a trance state. I was aware of being blissfully unaware and sort of floating in and out of thoughts and feelings. Then during this in between state a flash of 5 CD covers appeared in my mind’s eye. I could see the titles and feel the energy of each. They were each very different; some prayerful vocal CDs, some folk CDs and some Native Flute. There were no background influences of music playing or anything else during my energy session and I was not then nor had I been thinking about recording but none the less there they were, CD covers and titles popping into my head. Since Attune To The Ancients was the first title to pop into my awareness I decided it should be the first to be recorded and I began making plans for a trip to the studio. That was in the fall of 2010.

May 3rd 2011 was the first day in the studio to record this new flute CD. This is my 12th recording (10th CD as two of those recordings were in the days of cassettes). In all of my years of recording since 1990, this was the first time that I ever entered a studio so completely detached from an outcome and yet purposefully, easily and beautifully guided and directed. It doesn’t hurt to have Chris Rosser at the helm of the sound board as engineer; he always makes the studio work effortless. Then I was blessed to be joined by John Vorus playing the mesmerizing didgeridoo, his work was flawless and exactly what I wanted, even though I didn’t really know what I wanted when we started. My friends Kathy Groce and Dotty Holley joined me in playing the Native drums and the three of us followed the wind instruments until all of the sounds became one.

This CD unfolded much like a folk song in the sense that it is a story. The story of creation AND evolution honoring our path of oneness. I believe we all came from the same God stuff and that we were born out of an ever evolving Universal energy of love and creativity and that this Infinite intelligence expresses as everyone and everything. Much like our evolution as a species and as a planet I believe that we each have our own internal evolution and perpetual creation story taking place and that to the degree that we can Attune To The Ancients, we can awaken to a life of limitless good and possibility. We can learn much by looking at the wise traditions that came before us. All of the world’s religions carry within them the perennial philosophy of oneness and co-creation with a Beloved presence by many names. So attuning to the ancients is tuning into infinite ever present wisdom, it is tuning in to the still small voice within, it is tuning in to the oneness and connection of all life as integral parts of God’s creation. Attuning to the ancients is a journey of awakening that shakes the dust of complacency off of our boots and leaves us dancing to the rhythm of life continually moving within and around us.

I am grateful for this journey, for the gift of awareness and for all of you who choose to attune to the ancients with me and open up to this continually evolving process of life. Enjoy the journey! Christy

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