Change Is Good

Christy Snow

Subtly spiritual acoustic folk music. "A beautiful 14-song CD full of tunes about embracing change, living life on your own terms and in tune with a higher consciousness."

This is a rich and eclectic CD with the acoustic folk sound that Snow fans have grown to love and it also includes a little blues, a little rock and a lot of incredibly positive, fun and even spiritual songs. There's passion, there's humor and a common thread of a positive message that we are always at choice as to how we view and make a difference in our world. The diversity as well as the positive slant of Christy's music could be part of what led the Lee County Courier in Tupelo, MS to describe Christy as "A southern Ani DiFranco (who is) more prone to turn a positive message (and whose) voice has more range and is more powerful."

"Change Is Good" delivers the same poignant lyrics that have caused reviewers to make comments like these from the El Paso Scene in El Paso, TX. "Lyrics that challenge you to think, encourage you to feel and open you up to laugh, love and enjoy life." "This North Carolina singer-songwriter is one you could listen to all, comfortable yet forceful vocals, fluid and sometimes percussive acoustic guitar...Christy could change the world with her songs" says Don't miss what the Charlotte Observer calls an "unforgettable performance!"

REVIEW BY ~ Les Reynolds ~

Quote: "There's a richness in these tunes that is real and wonderful".

Coming from Christy Snow, the saying "Change is Good" really IS good. She's released a beautiful 14-song CD full of tunes about embracing change, living life on your own terms and in tune with a higher consciousness. Heard all that stuff before? Sure, there are people in the world (artists among them) whose facade speaks of spiritual enlightenment and peaceful existence in the world while their real inner selves speaks of anything but those things. Well, Christy's the Real Deal. You don't even have to know her at all to get the sense that her songs are from her own life and she's living them in the here and now. And, while her trademark folksy, warm fluid voice and songwriting anchor this CD, the North Carolina musician has changed a bit -- and it's really good.

For instance: there's a new level of production quality on this one. Multi-instrumentalist Chris Rosser's technical expertise and musical knowledge helped create a clear, clean and entertaining sound. Renee Leboa, an outstanding vocalist on her own, lent some gorgeous support on a few tunes that turned them into sparkling gems. And, Christy's own acoustic guitar playing seemed more interesting this time with little nuances and more emotion. (She sometimes runs her thumb down the low E string...oooh, shiverrrrrr!) One more instrumental note (uh, pun not intended but left here anyway): percussion is also quite prominent -- tastefully and artfully done by Jordan Marshall and Renee. Lyrics are just what you'd expect from Christy, but that's not to say it ever becomes boring. Predictability seems to actually work in her favor -- it's really wonderful to hear someone actually able to explain what it's like to grow spiritually, realize something big and cosmic -- and in everyday language. (from the title track): "maybe this illusion of discontent is what keeps us forever pushing on grateful but seeking never growing complacent with life's song there is always change ...and change is good..." "It's Time" comes from Christy's own life-changing decision to make a huge leap of faith: "she said tell me what it is you're waiting for who holds the key to your freedom's door what is it you mean you need more time don't you think it's time to be what you seek now time to love who you are, time to want what you have loving life right where you are it's time... so pay attention to what your intention is be aware of where your thought lives speak your word and know the power you have we all cause what we lack or have, yeah we help create what we lack or have, it's time, don't you think it's your time."

But it's not all personal growth and empowerment...there's some fun in there, too. A toe-tapping folk/country-blues number called "Love is Love" certainly speaks volumes with its lyrics, but it's a fun song to listen to (and Renee's harmony vocal will give you goosebumps!) "well if you're forbidden fruit, i can sympathize with eve and if you're against the rules baby, now i will surely grieve but you're too holy to be evil and too good to be bad i tell ya now darling you're the best i ever had young or old, black or white, it's not wrong or right when it's love, young or old, boy or girl it's all the same for the world so don't tell me what to feel..."

Another fantastic tune is "Gourmet Coffee Blues" with Chris's slide guitar weaving in and out of a travel song about cravings: "i was driving one day up around mid illinois when i saw a sign off the interstate said "gourmet coffee come enjoy" so i hit the exit hard and fast and followed a .2 mile sign... finally found casey's coffee shop and much to my surprise case's was actually a circle K in disguise..." These songs will make you smile, cry, think and sometimes just be. There's a richness in these tunes that is real and wonderful. Christy's gift to us seems very well summed up in one of her choices of quotes in the liner notes: "You are not here to please other people or to live your lives their way. You can only live it your own way and walk your own path." (Louise Hay)

Christy's latest CD, Change Is Good, is a fresh look at life that reminds me of vintage folk music from the late 60's and early 70's. Christy searches out the rainbow in songs such as "Change is Good" and "Safe".  ~Lee County Courier, Tupelo, MS

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