I am grateful to say that adopting a vegan diet assisted me in reversing Type II Diabetes in 6 months (off all medication I had been taking for years in only 3 months). Six years later my endocrinologist said my A1C was still perfect and there was no evidence in my blood work that I had ever had diabetes or even remotely aligned with a pre-diabetic diagnosis. During my vegan journey however I learned more about the suffering of animals that I had desensitized myself to and once my eyes and heart were opened I could not return to eating animals or in any way supporting their torture and death. Whatever your reason, if you are interested in a future vegan cleanse and/or having one on one support in adopting a vegan diet I would love to assist you! Email me at: Christy@ChristySnow.com




I value the knowledge and wisdom of many experts with degrees in the field of health and nutrition and during this cleanse we will hear from some of them. Although I do not hold such a degree, life has given me the opportunity to be very much an expert in this arena through my own life experience. I am so excited to share what has worked for me and so many others and what is a powerful positive footprint to leave on our world. Take back your life, save the planet and animals in the process!



Before I became vegan I was 65 to 70 lbs heavier than I am now. I took medication twice a day for type II diabetes and it was still not controlled. I was tied to my inhaler to treat chronic asthma and it took large amounts of caffeine to assist me in starting my day. Then a book called Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes caught my eye in the grocery store and everything changed. He encouraged giving a plant based diet a try for 3 months. I think he said something like "Try it and see how you feel, you can do anything for three months." So I tried it and in three months I completely reversed any signs of diabetes and asthma and was able to discontinue taking medication for both. I had my life back! I'll be telling you much, much more about what inspired me to remain vegan but in a nutshell once my eyes were opened and I was awake to the damaging cycle of factory farming and the effects it has on our health, the environment and of course the animals (that I said I loved) I couldn't go back to sleep.


Vegan Cleanse Charlotte - Phase 1 is a 5 week jumpstart into a brand new way of living for many and a refresher course for others. This group was inspired by my friend Elle Erickson who used to offer something similar in Charlotte a few years back before she relocated to Asheville. This group will be different in that it is Phase 1 of 2. Phase 1 allows you to keep alcohol and caffeine while you participate in the cleanse. Phase 2, which I will introduce later will expand on this first cleanse and include 50% raw food and no alcohol or caffeine for the duration of that 5 week program. 
Here is the layout for Vegan Cleanse Charlotte - Phase 1
Our first meeting will be at the Healthy Home Market on Central Ave. for an educational shopping trip to learn which foods support a vegan lifestyle. March 15, 2016 at 6:30pmMeeting number two will be a cooking class in which you will receive recipes, cooking tips and yes, an awesome vegan meal. March 22, 2016 at 6:30pmThe following three gatherings will include speakers, more education and inspiration and each will conclude with a community potluck where we share vegan dishes. March 29, April 5 & 12 at 6:30pmThe location (except the shopping trip) is the Linda Lakes Neighborhood of  Charlotte, NC 28215.The cost for the 5 week program is $175 early bird or $200 if paid after March 15. Cash, check and credit accepted.I look forward to taking this journey with you. Life is for living, let's live it fully!