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  • Sacred Chant Workshop 

    During this workshop, you will learn three distinctly different sacred chants from three different faith traditions (Buddhist, Hindu, and Sufi). Rev. Christy will share how these specific chants compliment New Thought and how they can enhance your affirmative prayer and meditation practice. After a brief history, lecture and discussion the group will experience all three of these powerful chants together followed by moments of silent meditation. This workshop is perfect for the advanced meditator or anyone wanting to learn. Previous experience with chanting or knowledge of any of these traditions is not necessary. You will leave with a new spiritual tool for mindfulness and meditation.

  • Sufi Zikr Workshop

    This rhythmic repetition of the names of God is a powerful, meditative, daily spiritual practice. Zikr, also spelled Dhikr, is the remembrance of God and is primarily associated with Sufism, which is the mystical aspect of Islam. It is important to note that not all who practice Sufism are Muslim and not all Muslims are Sufis. Rev. Christy Snow facilitates this workshop.


    Rev. Christy has studied with Sufi Shaikhs Kabir and Camille Helminski, founders of the Threshold Society and representatives of the Mevlevi Order in North America (short for Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi or Rumi, the 13th-century Muslim saint and mystic). Since meeting the Helminski’s in 2006, Christy has traveled with them to Turkey to practice Zikr with various orders of Sufis. She shares the spiritual practice of Zikr because of the profound impact it has had on her life to bring about more peace, calmness, and connection to the Divine. Christy is also an ordained Science of Mind minister and has studied interfaith traditions and the spiritual practices of many different religions since 2005. In addition, she is a singer, songwriter, Native American flutist, retreat facilitator, and author.


    During this workshop, you will learn about the origins of this practice, the different Sufi orders, and a brief history of the oneness teachings of Rumi. You will also experience first hand with the group the vibrational meditation of Zikr. You will leave with a new spiritual tool for mindfulness and meditation. 

  • Rumi Speaks 

    A meditative experience of music and poetry infused with the writings of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi (Rumi, the 13th-century Muslim saint, mystic, and poet). Supplemental readings from Dr. Ernest Holmes (founder of the Science of Mind), Charles and Myrtle Fillmore (founders of Unity), and others are also shared.


    During this event, Rev. Christy weaves words of oneness and connection to life, together with Native American Flute and original spiritual chants. This is a sacred time of reflection and contemplation of our connection to the source of life and all of creation and the expression of love that we are each here to be.

  • Native Flute Workshop 

    Christy has 5 Native flute CDs and international distribution and airplay of her music. She has been teaching others how to tap into their own flute song since 2001. In this workshop you will not only learn the basics and history of this enchanting instrument, you will also be playing on your own by the completion of the workshop. You will be taught breathing techniques and finger techniques to mimic the sounds of nature and animals and you will be coached through the process of finding your own style of playing this wonderful instrument. Flutes will be provided for the workshop and available for purchase.

  • Living In Solution Workshops, Day Retreats and Yearlong Class (Click Here) 

    Rev. Christy has spoken and delivered workshops and retreats across the US and in Canada since 2000 and she served as the co-pastor of the Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte for 10 years. She is a gifted teacher and an accomplished singer/songwriter.  Her Living in Solution workshop is patterned after the material and the spiritual tools in her yearlong retreat style class. She is skilled at tapping into the needs of a particular group to custom fit the experience to those in attendance, however Living In Solution workshops and retreats are sure to include practical tools and insights to support a path of awareness, acceptance, and authenticity. You can expect group discussion, partner exercises, meditation, journaling, and discovering your own personal insights to assist you in living a more fully expressed life.  This material and the corresponding spiritual tools provide more harmony in relationships, a release of stressful patterns, acceptance for self and others, and more wellbeing and ease in all areas of life. No previous classes required, only a willingness to embrace more life, more peace, and more balance.


    •          Learn a life-changing tool for retraining your subconscious

    •          Connect with other like-minded individuals in a deeper way

    •          Gain a deeper understanding of affirmative prayer

    •          Practice meditation with a group

    •          Learn how to drop the defenses that hold your best life at bay

    •          Begin to live in peace and joy regardless of circumstances

    •          Learn to live in SOLUTION!                  Please bring a JOURNAL!


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  • Learn to live VEGAN - How to shop, cook, and dine out without taking a life. Email for more info
  • Leadership training and Community building workshops can be customized for your community.