Living in Solution Class & Solution Coaching!

12 “Day Retreats” going deeper on the soul’s journey

Meets 1 Saturday per month

Facilitated by Christy Snow 

Learn to navigate the waters of change and live a life of mastery amidst a world of contrast! You deserve to be happy and live free and you can, regardless of outside circumstances.

Join a group of dedicated people ready to take their lives to the next level with this yearlong commitment.

You will learn to apply spiritual practices to everyday life, in order to maintain a sense of peace and purpose and live a bold life that is guided by and centered in love.   

Reduce Stress 


Increase Mindfulness 


Improve Relationships 


Experience Community


Live Your Purpose 


Make a Difference

The cost of this class is $1995 for the year if paid in full by August15, 2020 (Save $360Or monthly payments of $155 after a $495 deposit paid by August 15, 2020. Cash, Check, or Credit Card payments accepted. (Prerequisite class requirement below)

If you are drawn to this class, there are no obstacles in time or finances that can stand in your way. Out of no way, a way is made and obstacles clear when something is meant for us. 

You deserve it and the Universe says YES! 

*Some scholarships are available, inquire if necessary


Some of the assigned reading for Living In Solution:

Falling In Love With Where You Are - Jeff Foster

Rising Strong - Brene Brown

Being in Balance - Wayne Dyer

Undefended Love - Jett Psaris and Marlena S. Lyons

Loving What Is - Byron Katie

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - Deepak Chopra

Experiences to expect:


Connecting and Bonding with others

Meditation and Mindfulness 

Laughter, Leadership, and FUN!

A six-week prerequisite class with Christy, called Radical Awakening, is required prior to registration (some exceptions allowed with previous class experience). This prerequisite class will study the book by Jeff Foster - The Deepest Acceptance - radical awakening in everyday life. Radical Acceptance begins July 6 and the cost is $150 with $50 due at registrationClick here to register

Email for more information or to schedule a


Living in Solution was a life changing experience, I grew so much! ” - Caroline Daddona