Living In Solution Class 2018 begins September 15th!
This class will be held the 3rd Saturday of each month (except 2nd Saturday in February and August). 
If you are interested in joining an awesome group of 15 to 20 people as we learn to navigate the waters of life more effectively from a place of peace, balance and purpose, now is the time! A one on one meeting is required to assist you in determining if this yearlong class is the next step for your spiritual evolution. These meetings can be done in person or video chat. 
The cost of this class is $1795 for the year if paid in full by July 15th (save $560), $1995 for the year if paid in full by August 15, 2018 (save $360) or you can opt for monthly payments of $155 after a $495.
Registration and deposit due by September 6, 2018.
***This is an incredible journey! Decide what kind of life you will create for yourself, now is your time! Email livinginsolution@christysnow.com to schedule your appointment to learn more.***


Class 1 (September) – LIVING IN PURPOSE We are each always on “a path” however in this first class we will reexamine our path and our commitment to living a life in recognition of the power of change, steeped in heart centered awareness.
Assigned Reading: Mutant Message Down Under
Class 2 (October) – LIVING IN WHAT IS What if everything in your experience right now was ok? In this class we will discover the freedom and peace of accepting life as “perfect,” just as it is and learn how to integrate this powerful practice regardless of circumstance.
Assigned Reading: Loving What Is
Class 3 (November) – LIVING IN ONENESS-CONSCIOUSNESS We release the false reality of separation as we welcome the oneness and connected nature of all life, walking in mastery among contrast knowing that the Divine is always present.
Assigned Reading: Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
Class 4 (December) – LIVING IN THE HERE AND NOW - Practicing the power of now and the gift of mindfulness, we explore intention, desire, detachment and purpose. Slowing down and listening helps to hone our intuition and allows the clarity and peace we seek to flow.
Assigned Reading: Power of Now
Class 5 (January) – LIVING IN BALANCE – The degree to which we allow the business of life to distract and consume us is reflected in our relationships, our health, our money, career and every other aspect.
Assigned Reading: Being In Balance
Class 6 (February) – LIVING IN FREEDOM We learn the true gift of forgiveness as we learn how to elude the provocative grip of resentment and judgment. In this class we will delve into the power of prayer and living in the freedom of trust that comes from embodying a belief that life is a movement toward our wholeness.
Assigned Reading: Praying Dangerously
Class 7 (March) – LIVING IN THE LIGHT We surrender our smallness, our excuses and our distractions from living life large, as we step into a grander vision for ourselves by accepting all the parts of the self.
Assigned Reading: Dark Side of The Light Chasers
Class 8 (April) – LIVING UNDEFENDED The quote by Pema Chodron sums up this concept “Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible be found in us.” Nothing can harm you when you truly know who you are!
Assigned Reading: Undefended Love
Class 9 (May) – LIVING IN LOVING RELATIONSHIPS We move into a receptive agreement with life that shifts us away from contraction and into expansion, specifically regarding our participation in all of the key relationships in our lives and how we give and receive love.
Various Suggested Readings TBA
Class 10 (June) – LIVING IN SYNCHRODESTINY What we focus on expands, so the more we pay attention to the seeming coincidences in our lives the more we begin creating our “synchrodestiny.” We create our own future through the power of our co-creative nature and our powerful intention and attention.
Assigned Reading: Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire
Class 11 (July) – LIVING IN THE DANCE We move from survival into a dance of celebration as we welcome life into our experience more fully, more freely, more joyously and in expectancy of our good by answering the call of our soul. We balance the “foot in both worlds syndrome” as we become in the world but not of it, able to incorporate our spiritual journey in our everyday life. No assigned reading.
Assigned Reading: Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire (cont.)
Class 12 (August) – LIVING IN SOLUTION We review the tools and the commitment to take this deeper path into the world by consistently choosing to live life in solution in every area of our life experience.

Some of the books we will learn from and experience related exercises from are:

  • Loving What Is – Byron Katie 
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Deepak Chopra 
  • Practicing The Power of Now – Eckert Tolle 
  • Praying Dangerously – Regina Sara Ryan
  • Dark Side of The Light Chasers – Debbie Ford 
  • Undefended Love – Jett Psaris & Marlena S. Lyons
  • The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by Deepak Chopra
  • Being In Balance – Wayne Dyer

You can expect these and other types of exercises: 

  • Journaling
  • Group and partner sharing
  • Meditation (various kinds)
  • Creativity 
  • Leadership (everyone leads an activity at some point during the year)
  • Intimacy (learn to see and be seen)


This day retreat style class is a one of a kind experience with Christy and an intimate number of participants. You will learn to live your life in solution and navigate the waters of change more freely and effectively, providing you with a more abundant and harmonious experience of life. Class will be held the 3rd Saturday of each month from 9:00am to 4:30pm (except when noted). Prior to the first class a one on one meeting with Christy is required to help you determine if this journey is for you. Email livinginsolution@christysnow.com, to schedule an appointment or if you are interested in learning more. 

*Mutant Message Downunder - Marlo Morgan is assigned reading to be completed prior to the first class.


Testimonials about Living In Solution

"This course has been a gentle platform allowing me to take charge of my life. Being a year long, I was able to dig into many aspects of my life while having a safe core group to support and hold me accountable. Christy is full of inspiration to suit anyone willing to do this work on themselves. Even after the first few months my family said they could notice the difference in me. Not to mention being at a place now where I am confidently manifesting my dreams and watching them come true. Through this past year I was able to reignite my passion I had stored away and am now able to love myself, my partner and my children so authentically. This course was a beautiful gift of commitment I made for myself and can see how much more my life will be because of it." Lea Lally
"Be open, enjoy it, do not try to figure it out, it happens to and for you. Just take this class and you will be different in a year!" Barbara James
"Be willing to put in the work. Be open to seeing yourself. Be willing to forgive yourself for not getting it perfect. Just do it! This year long course is a great bonding experience. It's like a book club but with deeper connections along the way and packed with personal growth."
Donna Heil
"As a student, I expanded my knowledge and use of practices and self-development from a wide array of spiritual disciplines. I deepened my understanding of living in alignment  with the One. As a facilitator, I connected with and assisted a wonderful group with self/ spiritual exploration and expansion. This was a awesome gift that I will always cherish." 
Rev. Marcia Thompson
Rev. Marcia Thompson, minister and LCSW from Gastonia, NC, was both a teacher and a facilitator of this yearlong class.
“Living In Solution is a MUST for those who have the courage to live an intentional and on purpose life. “Shift” happens literally in this yearlong voyage. When you answer the call and step into this experience, you will have said YES to the best part of YOU! Just Do it!”
Wanda Gaskins  
“As I recall it, I was unemployed, and wanted to take the course, so I basically just did the old “Lord, if you want me to take the class you are gonna have to provide” prayer and damn, if I didn’t receive a check for $1000 out of the “BLUE” and right away. I think it was an old bonus check or something weird like an overpayment or something.  But that was not enough. I then said, cool. But I need the rest to pay for the whole thing. And dang if I did not get another check for almost exactly the amount! Within that week! So I knew I had to do it. And I am very glad I did. Mostly because it was a commitment to Myself and my spiritual practice.”
Penny Paxton 


It would be my profound privilege and honor to have you join us on this introspective and powerfully life changing journey! Our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs create our experiences and our lives are the totality of those experiences. When we become aware and take responsibility for the life our thoughts create, then we are standing on a foundation of freedom. From this point, this choice point, we can release old, subconscious and often inherited thoughts and choose to live consciously. From this new precipice, we can begin a life fueled by passion and directed by purpose, from the foundation of freedom that is the perfect present moment.

Say YES! Join the journey and Live IN Solution! 

In love and gratitude,



The corresponding curriculum is available for spiritual centers, therapists and independent facilitators to share and is being taught in cities across the US. To offer this rich and engaging class in your community email: livinginsolution@christysnow.com 

Day Retreats and Workshops are also available to delve deeper into this content.

Living In Solution day retreats are patterned after the material and the spiritual tools in her book, Living In Solution. Rev. Christy has spoken and delivered workshops and retreats across the country and in Canada since 2000. She was co-pastor of the Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte for 10 years and she is as an accomplished singer/songwriter.  She is skilled at tapping into the needs of a particular group to custom fit the experience. Each Living In Solution day retreat includes meditation, music, large group and small group or partner discussions and journaling exercises.  You will learn spiritual practices and walk away with tools to assist you in living a more fully expressed life.  This material and the corresponding spiritual tools provide more harmony in relationships; release of stressful patterns; acceptance for self and others; and more wellbeing and ease in all areas of life.  Join us for this journey of authenticity, awareness and acceptance.  No previous classes required, only a willingness to embrace more life, more peace and more balance.


Day Retreats are typically 9:30am-4:00pm and the fee ranges from $150 to $175 per person (depending on location)


Workshops with similar content are 2 ½ hours and the fee ranges from $25 to $45 (depending on location)